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02 Oct, 2020
Posted by APG Electric Co.
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Connecting Your Generator: Advantages of the Interlock

Lots of folks in northern California are getting ready for PG&E’s PSPS (Power Safety Power Shutoff) during the main part of the fire season.  Many are wondering if a generator could be an answer to the problem of being without power.  It can but it has to be hooked up safely.

The best solution that we’ve found is a tri-fuel (gasoline, propane, natural gas) generator and a mechanical Interlock like those pictured here: they prevent the main breaker from being on when the generator breaker is on at the same time.  It’s a safety mechanism to make sure that the power from the generator doesn’t go into the grid and hurt your neighbor or PG&E’s workers.

The Interlock approach also lets you power all the circuits in your house.  If too much is being demanded of your generator, there is a 30 Amp circuit breaker in your home’s panel as well as a circuit breaker on the generator.

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