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Recessed lighting has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. This type of lighting provides a sleek, modern look to any home, while also adding functionality to a room. However, before homeowners install recessed lighting, there are a few things they should think about. When installing recessed lighting, be sure to consider the following:
  • Size – The size of the lighting should be proportional to the size of the room. If the room is large, consider using larger recessed lights. On the other hand, if the room is small, smaller recessed lights may be more appropriate.
  • Type– There are several bulb types available, including incandescent, fluorescent, and LED bulbs. LED bulbs are a popular choice because they are energy-efficient and long-lasting. They also emit a brighter light than incandescent bulbs.
  • Placement – In general, recessed lights should be installed in a grid pattern, with each light spaced evenly apart. This will provide the best overall lighting for a room. It is also important to consider the placement of recessed lighting in relation to other light fixtures in the room, making sure that the lighting is balanced and not too bright in one area.

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While recessed lighting works is an excellent option for many areas throughout a home, there are some places where it should not be used. For example, putting recessed lighting directly above a bed should be avoided. This can create an unflattering shadow and make it difficult to read or relax in bed. Recessed lighting is also not a good type of lighting to put directly over a dining table since it can create a glare.
Recessed lighting in Santa Rosa by APG Electric Co.
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In addition, recessed lighting should not be placed in small, enclosed spaces, such as a closet or pantry. This can produce a harsh, bright light that can be overwhelming in a small area. Finally, recessed lights are not ideal for areas with moisture exposure, such as a bathroom or outdoor space. Moisture can damage the wiring and cause the lights to malfunction.


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