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GFCI Outlets: Replace Every Ten Years

Want to keep your house safe? It is recommended that you replace all of your GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt) ...
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Your New Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station: Don’t Under-Engineer

Don't Under-Engineer Your New Level 2 EV Charging StationMany new owners of electric vehicles are handicapping themselves for the future ...
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Connecting Your Generator: Advantages of the Interlock

Lots of folks in northern California are getting ready for PG&E's PSPS (Power Safety Power Shutoff) during the main part ...
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Whole House Fans Mandatory in Washington State

It should only be a matter of time before California requires whole house fans on new houses. They're very likely ...
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Watch Out for Your Battery Charger!

Outlets Melting from Battery Chargers An innocent plugged-in battery charger can cause melted electrical outlets like the one pictured here ...
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Installing Recessed Lights: DIY

Installing Recessed Lights As the days get shorter, many people are craving the loss of light. Installing recessed lights, especially ...
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Know the Different Types of Circuit Breakers

Know the Different Types of Electrical Circuit Breakers A breaker panel can use a variety of breaker types, limited only ...
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Santa Rosa Electrician: One of Five Ways to Cool Your House for the Summer

Santa Rosa Electrician: One of Five Tips to Cool Your House for the Summer First, a disclaimer: Santa Rosa electrician ...
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Cool Your House: Whole House Fans — QuietCool

Homeowners looking for a way to cool their house during the summer months might do well to consider a QuietCool ...
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LED Fluorescent Bypass Lamps: Solving an Old Problem

T8/T12 Fluorescent Fixtures: Time to Go Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps are getting popular, more diverse and cheaper. Time to ...
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