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Electrical panels are one of the most critical components of any building’s electrical system. They serve as the central hub for distributing electricity throughout the structure and are responsible for managing the flow of power from the utility company to the various circuits and devices in the building. Like any other component, electrical panels require regular maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and replacements to keep them functioning safely and efficiently. 

At APG Electric, we specialize in providing high-quality electrical panel services in Santa Rosa. We understand the importance of a well-functioning panel in a home or business, and we work diligently to ensure that each unit is installed to the highest standards.

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Our Electrical Panel Services

Electrical panel services encompass a broad range of tasks, including panel upgrades, replacements, and installations.

Here is a closer look at each of these electrical panel services and why they are necessary:

  • Panel upgrades – Panel upgrades involve replacing an existing panel with a larger, higher-capacity one to meet the increasing electrical demands of a building. Homes built several decades ago might have 60 or 100-amp panels, while modern homes need at least a 200-amp panel to accommodate the power needs of appliances, electronics, and other devices. Inadequate electrical panels can lead to overloaded circuits, tripped breakers, and other electrical hazards. Upgrading the panel is an easy way to improve the safety and energy efficiency of the home, as well as increase its resale value.
  • Panel replacements – Panel replacements involve removing an existing panel and installing a new one of the same capacity. This service is often necessary when an old panel is damaged or no longer functioning correctly. Signs of a failing electrical panel include flickering lights, buzzing sounds, and frequently tripped breakers. Replacing an electrical panel will also bring the system up to code, which is essential for passing inspections and ensuring that the building meets safety standards.
  • Panel installations – Panel installations involve the installation of a brand-new panel where one did not previously exist. This service is necessary for new construction projects or when adding electrical circuits to an existing building. Installing a new panel requires careful planning and coordination with the local utility company to ensure that the new panel can handle the additional power requirements.

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The age of an electrical panel is a common indicator that replacement may be necessary. Typically, electrical panels have a lifespan ranging from 25 to 40 years, beyond which they can become outdated, hazardous, and unable to meet the power demands of modern structures. Thus, if an electrical panel has exceeded 25 years, it’s prudent to contemplate a replacement.

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Homeowners who find themselves frequently resetting breakers or dealing with breakers that trip unexpectedly, could have a panel that is not functioning correctly or is overloaded, which can pose a significant safety risk. Additionally, if an electrical panel is emitting an unusual smell or making any odd noises, such as buzzing or crackling, it could indicate a dangerous electrical issue.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to contact a licensed electrician to assess your electrical panel and determine whether a replacement is necessary. 


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