Affordable, Reliable Backup Power

Uninterruptible Power Supply

At APG Electric Co., we’ve applied our ingenuity and
experience to give our customers a proprietary low-cost solution to taking care of their most vital electrical needs. You can be assured that your Internet will stay up, your computers will function and you can chill your food so that it doesn’t spoil.

We employ a combination of uninterruptible power supplies and temporary, portable 240V generators combined with manual interlocks, to help our customers stay safe and avoid losing spoiled food during power outages.

Our solutions are integrated with your family’s and home’s needs and end up saving you thousands versus other higher-priced (whole house generator) electrical backup methods.

We do the research to make sure that all components work seamlessly so you don’t have any interruptions.

Write to us today and we’ll send you our solutions that are the secret to our proprietary program that will save you thousands. We don’t need your address and won’t contact you.

In Northern California, lots of homeowners are worried when fire season arrives: they’re afraid
that PG&E will shut off their power and their food will spoil. (And, of course, they won’t be able to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime.)

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We can help you protect your home and keep your food (and movies) safe by using a smart, well-reasoned strategy to support your critical electrical
devices.  Send us a message to get a free White Paper: Residential Power Backup Strategies. 

Backup generator / interlocks / transfer bypass

This is the Firman Tri-Fuel Portable 240V / 32 Amp Generator that you can buy at Costco. Runs on gasoline, propane, natural gas. With 8500 Watts, that's enough power to run your whole house, including an Air Conditioning condenser or Mini-Split system.

Mechanical Interlock: won't rust. This makes sure that power from your generator won't back up into the Electric Grid and hurt a PG&E worker or your neighbor. We've installed dozens of these units.

This is a Transfer Bypass Switch. We use these in situations where you have a PV solar system so there's no conflict.

Whole House Generator: Yes, We Install Them, Too

Did you know that about 70% of those who experienced unexpected outages reported more costs, including extended hotel stays and replacing spoiled food. The longer your power is out, the more expense you incur. 

No matter if you’re just need to keep the basic necessities running or have the need for uninterrupted power in an outage. We can help! As experienced electricians, we can will help you configure a home solution that can get the job done.