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George R. Moskoff

George R. Moskoff

APG Electric comprises a Father, Son & Friend.  That means you get three really good minds and hearts focused on your projects. Here’s some information about us as a team.

George R. Moskoff, Owner.  Alexander P. Moskoff, Senior Tech. Ali Ghorbani, B.S., Solar System Engineer and President of JAG Solar, Inc.

We take care of our customers.  You can fact-check that statement by visiting our Yelp page.  And, that’s why they keep coming back.

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We’re accurate, on-time and exacting in our communications. In short, we’re professionals.


Alexander P. Moskoff, 220V Expert

Alexander P. Moskoff, 240V Expert

Alexander, 26, has extensive experience in specialty applications, especially 240V and indoor agricultural installations. I completely trust him with the high voltage projects for our clients. He’s careful, methodical and smart: checking and re-checking every decision we make throughout the process.

I started working on houses with my father when I was around eight back in Rockland County, New York (about an hour from the City).  He fancied himself some kind of handyman: we built sheds; fixed broken glass (baseball games in the circle, oops); installed dog cable runs; built bunny houses; chiseled into concrete floors (basement flooding).

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Aurora is the pin drop

In 1995, after a successful career in Business Consulting, I started rehabbing houses in Aurora, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago just down the road from us in Batavia.  I did six more of these rehabs (not “flips”), including one in Sebastopol that sold in 2006.

In 2006, I got my Contractors’ License (887567) and started doing work for other folks. Bathrooms, kitchens, additions.  What they liked most is that I got the job done when I told them it would be finished and for the price that was quoted, even if we had to “eat” some expenses.  Something novel in the remodeling world.

Ali Ghorbani, a friend for over ten years and co-worker, is working with APG as of April 1, 2016.  He is a Mechanical Engineer and former executive in the telecom world.  Now, he uses his C-46 Solar License and C-10 License to help our customers get the best performing solar systems at the best price.

Know What to Expect

Our billing is detailed and, most of the time, we work from fixed-price quotes so that you know what to expect.IMG_0017

Satisfaction, as we’ve learned, is a function of Performance and Expectations.  Our Performance meets your Expectations and that’s the key to our success and your happiness with our work.

You won’t find a better, more qualified Electrical Contractor for your important home and commercial remodel needs.